Nest Learning Thermostat Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

The Nest Learning Thermostat was featured this Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning in a piece by New York Times technology pundit, David Pogue. The report also featured other “smart thermostat” applications, including Con Edison’s ThinkEco smartAC sponsorship program that allows the utility to turn off your air conditioning during periods of high demand in exchange […]

Natural Gas Glut is Double Edged Sword

Natural gas prices have plummeted over the last two years due to the market glut as a result of the shale gas explosion created by hydrofracturing or “fracking”.  For energy consumers, this is a major financial benefit in that the market price for those heating with natural gas has fallen significantly.  This is also a […]

Finally, a Heat Pump for Low Ambient Temperatures

[youtube=]  A couple of the toughest things about living in the northeast is the vagaries of northern weather and the unavailability of natural gas for heating in many suburban and rural areas. This has left many without an option beyond No. 2 fuel oil. Although geothermal heat pumps are a much more efficient and cost […]

Responsible Refrigerant Management in the Age of Uncertainty

No doubt if you are reading this, it is because you have been shocked by the recent spike in R-22 refrigerant prices due to the recent allocation squeeze by the EPA and DOE. See my last blog article for the abridged history on how we got to doubling R-22 prices. Many are now speculating on […]

Price of R-22 Refrigerant Soars After EPA Reduces Allocations by 45%

When the 25C Tax Credits were in place in 2010 allowing a $1500 Federal Tax Credit (on top of utility rebates) to upgrade to a 16 SEER high efficiency system with R410 refrigerant, consumers in the northeast rushed to the opportunity to upgrade their systems and switch to environmentally friendly refrigerant from R-22.  However, last […]

Northeast US Feels the Economic Crush of Home Heating Oil

It seems my last blog post was timely indeed as the New York Times did a piece this weekend on the high and ever-increasing cost of home heating oil and how it mostly affects the northeastern United States. The poor infrastructure for access to natural gas pipelines in our area is a testament to how […]

Show Your “IQA” by Building an Energy Star Home

Builders, Developers and Real Estate professionals are competing for the chance to build new homes now more than ever. The smart ones are luring energy conscious home buyers with the added incentive of an Energy Star Qualified rated home. These homes are built to strict energy efficiency standards and are guaranteed to be at least […]

Nest Undressed

The folks at SparkFun did a teardown of what makes the Nest learning thermostat tick. As the author says, “It’s always fun to see the wizard behind the curtain”. Link here to the SparkFun article. Add to this the NY Times Tech Guru David Pogue is enamored with his new Nest and it looks like […]

Would You Heat Your Home with a Data Furnace?

Imagine replacing your gas or oil fired furnace with a bank of internet servers courtesy of Google. Sounds pretty far fetched, don’t you think? Well that is what Microsoft and a group of research and computer scientists are proposing in this research study. This article in the New York Times espouses the belief that we […]

NEST is Here – Say Goodbye to Programmable Thermostats

[youtube=] Tony Fadell and the tech team that brought you Apple’s iPhone has gone out on their own to tackle what they believe to be the largest energy wasting culprit in the building, the thermostat. According to Nest’s studies, more than 50% of your energy bill is controlled by the thermostat. Not only did they […]

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