Sensible Rebuilding and HVAC Installation with Future Flooding in Mind

As most Long Island and New York homeowners are still waiting for insurance settlements to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy (see this Newsday article), it is imperative that planning for future storms be taken into consideration.  Once settlements have been made, it is prudent to avoid the mistakes that were made previously that caused the loss […]

Sandy Revisited – Repair vs.Replacement of Flood Submerged HVAC Equipment

The NY State Department of State has issued the following: “Floodwaters are not just water; the water may also be contaminated with chemicals, sewage, oil and other debris. When the floodwater is salt water, its corrosive effects are particularly damaging. Any or all of those can affect the integrity and performance of electrical systems and […]

Congress Reinstates 25C Federal Energy Tax Credit on Qualifying HVAC Equipment Retroactively

As you probably know, in a last minute compromise on New Years Day 2013, Congress passed an agreement that will put off mandated cuts in federal spending and reinstate dozens of popular tax breaks that benefit individuals. Please note that among the renewed and retroactive tax breaks was the reinstatement of the $500 25C tax […]

Aftermath – HVAC Replacement Opportunities in the Wake of Sandy’s Destruction

Having seen a vast variety of flooded out and crushed heating and air conditioning equipment in the last few weeks, it seems self-serving to discuss the “silver lining” that being forced to replace HVAC equipment presents, but it is a huge opportunity for owner and contractor alike.  Current recommendations from GAMA, FEMA and most insurance […]

Hurricane Sandy and Energy Lessons Learned

Here I sit in an office with no power, phones, Internet or ROOF for the past 5 days, banging away on an iPad through a slow cellular hotspot to extol the virtues of hurricane preparedness. We saw it coming, but none of us really did anything about it. Now we are paying technicians to sit […]

Tough Heating Season Forecast in the Northeast for Oil Consumers

With home heating oil prices currently at $4.25 per gallon here on Long Island and a much colder season forecast ahead, this Newsday article predicts a difficult winter for those heating with fuel oil.  Two thirds of Long Islanders still heat their homes with oil and the majority of those would choose to convert to […]

Oil to Gas Conversions – The Time is Now!

Natural gas prices have plummeted in the past 5 years and are now lower than they were 20 years ago. The chart shows the progression of natural gas prices over the past 20 years. You can actually see the effect that shale hydraulic fracturing had on the market price of natural gas starting in 2005 after […]

Last Chance to Buy an 80% Furnace! (and save)

With the Federal government enforcing new energy efficiency standards as of May 1st, 2013, this will be the last winter that consumers can buy a down and dirty 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)gas furnace.  As of May 1st, northern contractors can only sell and homeowners will be forced to buy 90% AFUE furnaces (or […]

HVAC and Global Social Conscience

In a recent New York Times article entitled “The Cost of Cool“, author Elisabeth Rosenthal noted the trade offs of the environmental cost of air conditioning versus the economic benefits created by it.  With the rise of the Middle Class in countries like Brasil, India and China, there will be nearly one billion new warm […]

NBC Today Show Magnifies the Importance of Checking a Contractor’s Resume’

[youtube=]In our current economic climate, there is intensified concern by consumers that certain unscrupulous contractors may take advantage of them. This is especially true of HVAC contractors in the summer, when desperation caused by a faulty air conditioning system may push residential and commercial building owners to a speedy and often uninformed decision. Recently on […]

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