Tough Heating Season Forecast in the Northeast for Oil Consumers

With home heating oil prices currently at $4.25 per gallon here on Long Island and a much colder season forecast ahead, this Newsday article predicts a difficult winter for those heating with fuel oil.  Two thirds of Long Islanders still heat their homes with oil and the majority of those would choose to convert to […]

The Election and the Fate of Renewable Energy Tax Credits.

A recent article in the New York Times echoed the death knell of the wind power industry as the result of both the new glut of shale gas and the sunset of wind turbine tax credits on December 31st. Of late, 10,000 wind turbine jobs have evaporated in an industry that relies on those credits […]

Variable Speed Compressors to Revolutionize Efficiency Standards

[youtube=]Almost every manufacturer of HVAC equipment is currently scrambling to bring to market variable speed units with either Copeland or Danfoss inverter driven compressors.  Variable speed geothermal heat pumps being manufactured by WaterFurnace (7-Series) and Climatemaster (Trilogy 40) will purportedly reach previously unattainable efficiency levels and have COPs (Coefficient of Performance) between 6 and 7 […]

Making Economic Sense of Air Conditioning SEER Replacement Options

It will be close to 100 degrees in the New York area today. This is the type of weather that older HVAC systems fail in: right when you need them the most. Consumers often are faced with multiple choices when dealing with catastrophic equipment failure and it can be very confusing, especially when consulting several […]

Maryland is First State to Recognize Geothermal as Renewable Energy

The Maryland legislature has passed a bill accepting geothermal heat pumps as eligible for state provided Renewable Energy Tax Credits. This sounds like a no-brainer, since the federal government has already waved the renewable tax credit wand over geothermal heat pumps with a 30% federal tax credit, but Maryland has finally become the first state […]

64 Year Old Life Magazine Article Touts Geothermal Heat Pump

When most people think of geothermal heat pumps, they think new technology. The positive connotation of new technology is advancement, but many link new technologies to risk and technical bugs. Such is not the case with geothermal heat pumps because they have been in existence since Lord Kelvin developed the concept in 1852.  Robert C. […]

VRF System Ratings and Qualifying for Demand Side Incentives

The American Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has finally developed a new certification program for variable refrigerant flow multi-zone split air conditioners and heat pumps. In years past, systems manufactured by Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG and the like were unable to qualify for utility rebates and Federal tax incentives because there was no way to rate […]

Natural Gas Glut is Double Edged Sword

Natural gas prices have plummeted over the last two years due to the market glut as a result of the shale gas explosion created by hydrofracturing or “fracking”.  For energy consumers, this is a major financial benefit in that the market price for those heating with natural gas has fallen significantly.  This is also a […]

Finally, a Heat Pump for Low Ambient Temperatures

[youtube=]  A couple of the toughest things about living in the northeast is the vagaries of northern weather and the unavailability of natural gas for heating in many suburban and rural areas. This has left many without an option beyond No. 2 fuel oil. Although geothermal heat pumps are a much more efficient and cost […]

Nest Releases First WiFi Software Update

One of the best things about a Nest Learning Thermostat is Nest’s ability to constantly work on software improvements and send (and receive) wifi updates whenever they are available. Our Nest thermostats just received a version 2.0 update that enhances and adds to the many features and benefits of Nest. New features include an enhanced […]

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