Maryland is First State to Recognize Geothermal as Renewable Energy

The Maryland legislature has passed a bill accepting geothermal heat pumps as eligible for state provided Renewable Energy Tax Credits. This sounds like a no-brainer, since the federal government has already waved the renewable tax credit wand over geothermal heat pumps with a 30% federal tax credit, but Maryland has finally become the first state […]

64 Year Old Life Magazine Article Touts Geothermal Heat Pump

When most people think of geothermal heat pumps, they think new technology. The positive connotation of new technology is advancement, but many link new technologies to risk and technical bugs. Such is not the case with geothermal heat pumps because they have been in existence since Lord Kelvin developed the concept in 1852.  Robert C. […]

Natural Gas Glut is Double Edged Sword

Natural gas prices have plummeted over the last two years due to the market glut as a result of the shale gas explosion created by hydrofracturing or “fracking”.  For energy consumers, this is a major financial benefit in that the market price for those heating with natural gas has fallen significantly.  This is also a […]

Finally, a Heat Pump for Low Ambient Temperatures

[youtube=]  A couple of the toughest things about living in the northeast is the vagaries of northern weather and the unavailability of natural gas for heating in many suburban and rural areas. This has left many without an option beyond No. 2 fuel oil. Although geothermal heat pumps are a much more efficient and cost […]

Northeast US Feels the Economic Crush of Home Heating Oil

It seems my last blog post was timely indeed as the New York Times did a piece this weekend on the high and ever-increasing cost of home heating oil and how it mostly affects the northeastern United States. The poor infrastructure for access to natural gas pipelines in our area is a testament to how […]

Fossil Fuels Comparison, Geothermal HVAC, ROI and Home Heating

When deciding upon a heating source for a new custom home or commercial building people often ask, “what is the best bang for my buck”?  This is obviously a loaded question and will be answered in a myriad of different ways depending upon whom you pose the question to.  Here, on Long Island, where No. […]

The Benefits of Combining VRF and Geothermal Technologies

Two of my favorite (and most efficient) technologies can actually be combined to form an uber-efficient HVAC system. Both Mitsubishi and Daikin have provided water-cooled condensing units as part of their US line-up for several years. However, only recently has this technology been refined through plate and frame heat exchangers and control logic to perform […]

Innovations to Reduce the Cost of the Closed Loop Ground Heat Exchanger

Although we advocate installing closed loop systems for the reasons stated in my previous post, this does make it difficult for us to be competitive with the majority of other contractors who cling to “pump and dump” (open loops) in order to install geothermal heat pumps for the least cost. Unfortunately, in recessionary times like […]

NPR on Closed Loop Geothermal Systems

Congress may be looking to de-fund public television and National Public Radio, but these are two media outlets that have always provided interesting insight into the world of green energy. Recently, this “All Things Considered” program ran a story on the benefits of closed loop geothermal systems called “Tapping the Earth For Energy Savings”. Read […]

New York Times Touts Benefits of Geothermal

Most of the testimony we read regarding the benefits and costs of a geothermal heating and air conditioning system come from the mid-west. However, if you are a local Long Islander considering going “geothermal”, this recent article in the NY Times Science section should help you with your cost/benefit analysis. It is interesting to note […]

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