VRF Air Source Heat Pumps Set to Capitalize on Geothermal’s Loss

Heat Pump Sales Volume By Country By 2020 As we have written previously, the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit for geothermal HVAC systems has sunset (as of 12/31/16). The 30% Federal Tax Credit for residential and 10% for commercial systems is now part of history, unless a Republican Congress and Executive branch happens to see […]

Major Natural Gas Expansion Underway in New York Metro Region

There will be a significant increase in the volume of natural gas being brought to the New York Metro region as a result of multiple pipeline expansion projects from the Marcellus shale region. Several distribution pipelines will be put into service this winter.  According to the US Energy Information Administration, the pipelines will bring “3.5 […]

Conversion from Fuel Oil to Natural Gas Even Sweeter in 2013

In our annual review of home heating fuels on Long Island, nothing has changed except for the widened gap between fuel oil and Natural gas prices. Today, “Prices for crude oil and natural gas moved in opposite directions after the U.S. government issued weekly supply reports for both fuels. Benchmark oil for October delivery gained 93 […]

HVAC Design in the Wake of Certain Climate Change

Back in February we discussed Sensible Rebuilding and HVAC Installation with Future Flooding in Mind. According to this New York Times article, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a panel of renowned international scientists, has determined that because of human activity causing global climate change, it is conceivable that we will have a 3 foot rise in […]

Yes, It Is Summer in the City and It Is Hotter – The Heat Island Effect

Yes, it is hotter in the city, especially at night. Why is this? It’s called the Urban Heat Island Effect and it means that urban areas heat up at more than twice the rate as rural and suburban areas. The high density of population, traffic, concrete, tarmac and carbon dioxide add up to an increased […]

New York State Poised to Make Geothermal Heat Pumps Tax Exempt

Press release from the Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization (LI-Geo.org): The New York State Senate and Assembly have proposed new legislation related to geothermal heating and cooling installations. On January 9, 2013, New York State Senator Maziarz introduced a bill to amend the tax law to exempt both sellers and purchasers of geothermal systems from […]

WiFi Enabled Thermostat Wars Disrupt Complacency

The patent battle that has unfolded between Honeywell and it’s upstart competitor, Nest, is well documented, but it has also forced Honeywell to inovate instead of resting upon its current product offerings and leaving the competition to its legal legions. The Nest learning thermostat has become a tech media darling because of its simple design, […]

Sandy Revisited – Repair vs.Replacement of Flood Submerged HVAC Equipment

The NY State Department of State has issued the following: “Floodwaters are not just water; the water may also be contaminated with chemicals, sewage, oil and other debris. When the floodwater is salt water, its corrosive effects are particularly damaging. Any or all of those can affect the integrity and performance of electrical systems and […]

Congress Reinstates 25C Federal Energy Tax Credit on Qualifying HVAC Equipment Retroactively

As you probably know, in a last minute compromise on New Years Day 2013, Congress passed an agreement that will put off mandated cuts in federal spending and reinstate dozens of popular tax breaks that benefit individuals. Please note that among the renewed and retroactive tax breaks was the reinstatement of the $500 25C tax […]

Aftermath – HVAC Replacement Opportunities in the Wake of Sandy’s Destruction

Having seen a vast variety of flooded out and crushed heating and air conditioning equipment in the last few weeks, it seems self-serving to discuss the “silver lining” that being forced to replace HVAC equipment presents, but it is a huge opportunity for owner and contractor alike.  Current recommendations from GAMA, FEMA and most insurance […]

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